Odors at the service of agriculture

Our mission is to provide concrete and effective alternatives to insecticides to help farmers produce in a more sustainable way.


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We develop fragrances based on kairomones and allomones that influence the behavior of insect pests.


Our solutions reduce crop damage while respecting the environment and biodiversity.

Photo d'un piège Agriodor pour lutter contre les ravageurs

Our Solutions

To develop our fragrances, we are inspired by the natural relationship between plants and insects. Olfaction is a highly developed sense in insects and plant odors are essential signals in their life cycle.  

Our patented solutions are composed of molecules naturally produced by plants (kairomones and allomones) and perceived by the insect pests we target, so they are specific and act preventively to reduce pest pressure before they cause crop damage.

This allows us to adapt to the targeted insect and gives us flexibility in the construction of control strategies. 



$70 billion in damage is caused by insect pests each year…


expected crop losses in the face of intensifying global warming…

Agriodor’s solution

To ensure global food security, it is essential to find a positive outcome and help farmers secure their crops while initiating a real ecological transition in agriculture to preserve health, environment and biodiversity. 


Biocontrol, an innovative alternative

For more than 10 years, the desire to reduce agriculture’s dependence on synthetic pesticides has increasingly stimulated innovation in the field of biocontrol. In a world of odors, chemical mediators, of which AGRIODOR’s innovations are part, are a very promising way to provide farmers with effective responses in the fight against pests. 

Our R&D

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We decode the chemical signals of plants to fight against pests.


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Creation of fast blends to adapt to the needs of farmers.

Blend Design

A step forward towards sustainable agriculture

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