In order to provide an alternative solution to the use of phytosanitary products, agriodor is developing parfumes based on kairomones and allomones that attract and repel insect pests, inspired by the natural relationships between plants and insects, to protect crops.


Protects crops against pests


Enhances Biodiversity


Reduces the use of phytosanitary products


Non-remanent and environmentally friendly


Our commitment to you

As an integral part of the agricultural ecosystem, we are committed to working with all stakeholders to develop sustainable production systems. AGRIODOR eis more than ever a player involved in building the agriculture of tomorrow.

Day after day:

  • We Contribute to the emergence of new biocontrol innovations
  • We Participate in changing agricultural practices by facilitating the access and use of biocontrol solutions to farmers
  • We Work on securing strategic agricultural sectors
  • We Help reduce the impact of crop protection on health, the environment and biodiversity 

Our Expertise

With our Blendesign™ process, we are creators and owners of the (olfactory) technologies we produce. Our blends are created and improved based on agricultural needs and contexts.


How does it work?

Odorant molecules are perceived by the insect at its antennae. Our Blendesign™ expertise allows us to decode the chemical signals emitted by plants and develop the most effective odor blends against targeted insects. 

Our Scope

Today, our fragrances are used to control several crop pests by farmers.
Tomorrow, they may constitute a sustainable solution for any type of agrosystem.

Reduce the use of phytosanitary products

Encourage Biocontrol

With our fragrances, reduce the use of insecticides in crops for a healthier and more effective protection.


What are kairomones and allomones?

Kairomones are volatile organic compounds, produced in the air, water or soil by a living being, which trigger a behavioral response in another species, providing a benefit to the latter (for example between a plant and an insect). Allomones are substances produced by individuals of one species, which induce, in those of another species, a favorable reaction to the emitting species. Allomones and kairomones are part of the family of chemical mediators in biocontrol.

What is Blendesign™?

Blenddesign is the R&D expertise developed by AGRIODOR to find the best combination of volatile organic compounds to attract or repel the targeted insect pest. This process integrates different experimental designs in the laboratory and in the field as well as the study of auxiliary and pollinating insects present in the agrosystem.

Biocontrol definition?

According to the definition of the Ministry of Agriculture, biocontrol is a set of plant protection methods based on the use of natural mechanisms.

How does the AGRIODOR fragrance work?

Many insect pests use the olfactory sense to locate their host plant for feeding, mating or egg laying. AGRIODOR develops fragrances that confuse insect pests in their choice of host plant. AGRIODOR’s fragrances can be used in an “attract and kill” strategy for example by attracting the insect pest in a trap or as a repellent to limit the number of pests arriving in the plots. It is also possible to combine the two strategies to do a “push-pull”.

Why use our perfumes?

Our fragrances allow to reduce the use of phytosanitary products while keeping an important efficiency on the control of insect pests. They are compatible with all other crop protection methods and are easily integrated into comprehensive, sustainable approaches.

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